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By growing up within an artistic environment (her father’s a modern art expert, mother is a sculptor designer), Annsophie was able to develop and cultivate her eye as much as her curiosity.
Impressed by Visconti’s « Death in Venice » - which she broke down and scrutinized shot by shot – she now finds herself impassionated by frozen image and framing.
She began as a self-taught photographer. She has worked since as an assistant, first with Alexandra Stéphanakis (music), then with Yves Duronsoy (interior design). She then dreamed of working with Peter Linbergh, Sarah Moon and Paolo Roversi, the latter she did assist for 2 years.
Pursuing spontaneity as a theme in her portrait work she looks for each person’s naked truth.
28 years old and always on the go, Annsophie likes photo reporting. For the Hôtel de Sers, she produces a series of fantasmagoric photos of Paris. She has returned from Madagascar with images of children which have been sold to support Charles Gassot’s Ecole du Monde Association.
Her current projects reveal a passion for her generation. Today, her activities which are related to the world of design and the one of music complement that commitment.

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